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Ms. Nasrin Haidari
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Dear Ms. Haidari
On 05.May.2009 I have receive a new Variation of Probation order as my request by My Probation Officer Ms. Stephanie Gould on the 20.Feb.2009 Ms. Stephanie Gould was in touch with you about my Request, please find Attached documents from Court office 1000 Finch Ave West Toronto signed  by Justice Carol A. Brewer for Justice Marshall. Please if you will provide me your phone Number I need to have Contact with you in regarding our Matters in Superior Court family law Proceeding and making new agreement for next Court for a Case Conference As order of Superior Court family law on the 11.Feb.2008 Toronto  then lawyers’ can work on it. You Contact with me by phone Number 416:760-5839 and live you number, or by my email adder’s arjashahin@gmail.com thank you.

You’re Very Truly

Shahin Eslamdoust
CC Mr. Dr. Arthur C. Brown My Family lawyer by fax 416:362.9591
CC Ms. Stephanie Gould Probation and Parole Officer by fax Number 416:314-9279

From: nessa haid <nessa_rose25@yahoo.ca>
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Sent: Tue, November 2, 2010 5:12:11 PM
Mr. Eslamdoust,

It is with great disappointment that I find myself writing this correspondence to you concerning your breach of your Probation Order and sickening behavior.
  Please note, you have breached your Probation Order on several occasions by sending Ms. Haidari letter mail and text messages which are totally unacceptable. All your correspondences have been documented and will be used as against you when Ms. Haidari wishes to file formal complaint as against you in near future.   At the mean time, I demand that you stop all your sickening correspondences immediately and abide your Probation Order accordingly, in addition, I strongly advise you to stop trying to communicate direct and indirect with Ms. Haidari, unless it is concerns the child of marriage.   On several occasions’, Ms. Haidari had made it clear to you, she does not want you in her life, communicate directly and/or indirectly with you except for the purpose of the child of marriage, if you cannot accept this important fact, you should seriously seek counselling as it is part of your Probation Order.   Lastly, if you insist sending Ms. Haidari more direct and indirect correspondences which are not child related, I would encourage Ms. Haidari to contact Ms. Stephanie Gould (your Probation Officer) and register her formal complaint as against you with her supporting evidence.   I trust this you will abide with your Probation Order in order to avoid unnecessary Court proceedings.
 Mohsen Azimi