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Turkmen wedding, marriage ceremony in Turkmen

Golestan province has a million and 800 thousand people from different ethnic groups and religions of Iran, each with its own customs, traditions and customs, creating a beautiful rainbow, and working in peace and harmony for the development of this beautiful province.


These relatives in the area of ​​formation of life and marriage, wedding ceremonies, religious and religious ceremonies, mourning and mourning, and even a kind of cover their own traditions and traditions that have passed from the ancestors and the predecessors of the generation to the generation and to men and women Today it has come.


Turkmens are among the tribes living in the northern province of the country, with a population of about one-third of the population of Golestan living mostly in the cities of Gonbad-e-Kavus, Aq Qala, Gomishan, Bandar-Turkmen and Marwah-Tepeh.


One of the traditions of the Turkmen people, which is to be briefly discussed in this article, is a wedding ceremony that, like other Iranian tribes, has various stages of dressing up, nomination, wedding and wedding ceremony.


* Soccer
At this stage, a boy loves a girl for his common life, and then he investigates his daughter and his family. In the following, several of the women in the family near the boy, who are most often mother, sister, aunt or aunt, Girl going


The headmaster at the house of the daughter's family after the reception said, "Do not miss the news of Al Diet Deirlar" Well, what's up? And the owner of the house says, "If God divides, God willing, let us also investigate", and if he wants to respond to the opportunity, he will say with laughter.


* Svzalmaq
after the first round of the girl's family research work begins, duration of the investigation may take several weeks or a few months and a representative of Family Guy from time to time consider the girl's family asked to be finally free to respond to The son of the son of Mozhdeh says: "Soozimi Aldylar" I was speaking, the words of the match were accepted.

The announcement of acceptance by the girl's daughter is called "Sooz Alamak" and at this stage the introductory date is also determined.


* Chapay Akumak
is going through the introductory stage of introductory acquaintance with mother, sister, uncle's wife and female brother-in-law with bride's family members. The groom's family goes to the bride's family with sweets and after getting acquainted with the date of the birthday of the son and daughter Characterized.


Turkmen wedding, marriage ceremony in Turkmen


* Yesterday, the
day after tomorrow, it's called bread and salt, to eat each other, in other words, to get salt, which means the introductory stage of the nomination, which is held without the presence of the girl and the other. 
At this stage, only two women are involved, and the bridegroom offers gifts to the bride of the future.


These gifts could include a Turkic scarf called Yiligh, a scarf scarf, a chariot, a shirt fabric, two oily crumbs called 'Ghatlama and Bashmeh'. 
The girl's family also divides the part of the oily bread into a congratulatory offer among the presenters, the celebration is accompanied by applause and joy, and the date of the official nomination stage for the girl and son is also announced.


at Adamagh also has two female families, and the bigger family of the bridegroom's groom shrinks to the girl's neck, the yarn is called 'Alajayop', and the sign of the unification of the two opposing characters - the boy and the girl It is also a sign of their agreement for common life by eliminating behavioral contradictions. 
After this step, the girl is called 'Adukli', the girl who is nominated.


For the execution of this stage, the bridegroom's side tells the bride that he or she will come to this day or night to determine the amount of dowry with some of his close relatives, usually his father or brother.

The bride's family also announces several of his close relatives. After being served with candy and fruit, the house is asked about the intentions and intentions of the guests, they also express their intention to know the amount of dowry.


At this stage, the two sides spoke on Mahri's figure and eventually enjoyed a dominant position among the people. The amount of money on the day of the bridegroom, or a few days or a few weeks before, of course, was paid to the bride's family in the form of a cash payment. To be


* A grocery store is a
part of the grocery store or the second stage of the nomination, according to which, one or more days and sometimes several weeks before the wedding ceremony, some of the women of the family of the bridegroom, with the appointment for the second stage of the nomination, Trends, and thus make the affiliation more formal.


On this day, the bridegroom's family donates gifts to the bride and his family, which consists of twelve sets of trays, and is carried in each of the four tablespoons of ghatlama bread and carried by one of the family members.


There are also four sugar beetles, a dove (part of the breast meat and a sheep line that is separated from the sheep's body in the form of a triangle, usually carried by the brother-in-law of the bridegroom), earrings and necklaces of gold (this gift is usually given by the largest The bride of the bridegroom's family is presented), watches, and gifts such as scarfs, scarves, shoes, shirt fabrics and engagement rings.


* Orba Yayramaqak,
one day before the funeral ceremony, the groom's mother arranges a small feast with the presence of family members and neighbors, asking them to help him in the cooking of crumbled bread, during this celebration, called 'Oba Yayramaq' They call one flour, one pours a large boiler of a cast iron, one flakes a dough, one dough into thin, circular sheets, one of which is a layer of laminated on She adds the oil to the dough, and in other words everyone helps and dough, and finally twelve pills of guttala bread to take to the bride's house, And a number of women are split up as sympathy.


* The Blacksmith of Bellamy McGraw-e-
Bloom is a brief ceremony at the bride's father's house, in which women have two families, most of whom are mothers, sisters, brothers and sisters, brothers and sisters, who determine the date and the wedding day. And this day must be one of Sa'd's days.


Gurstan Turkmens consider the days of each lunar month, which the last number ends at 7 or 9, that Sa'd is considered to be good for doing good, these days are called "graffiti".


* Pre-program phase
This section is a new official and is intended to host a girl from friends who is about a week before the wedding.


This section of the card is also a new phenomenon. At this stage, usually 2 weeks before the wedding, the groom invites close friends for dinner, and after dinner with the guests, a list of the names of those who have to Wedding invitations are being prepared and the wedding card is then written. These cards are distributed around a week before the wedding, and in the old days the printing industry did not exist.


Turkmen wedding, marriage ceremony in Turkmen


* The disadvantages of a
young age are the age of the bridegroom and his closest friend. In the past, it has been said that the cost of the wedding night, which included the reception of the groom's friends, was a disaster and called his friend's father's house as a place of reception of "disaster."


But nowadays, the bridegroom is responsible for the cost of the wedding night, and organizes the reception of friends with the reception of his parents from friends and acquaintances at the paternal home. 
This is the time of the reception before the wedding, and this evening after dinner, those who want cash help pay their money to the bridegroom representative, and he will also record the names of donors and the amount of help in the office until the bridegroom In the future, the elderly will give birth to the bridegroom's parents.


After dinner and fundraising begins, with the accompaniment of the song, this House continues until midnight, and at that time, the bridegroom, usually 9 or 10 days later, Guests are invited to take part in the wedding of the bride and groom.

* Bvourchi
Bvourchi is said to be a woman who is a trustee of the bride and groom's family, she sits in a corner of a Turk or a room in the corner while the wooden box is in front of it and presents gifts in return for receiving gifts from invitees. .


was a chunk or a kayak, in the distant past of a chamber, made of colored fabrics, usually forty pieces that fitted it on a camel or cart, and used from inside and outside, and used to carry the bride to the groom's groom. And from the ceiling of the jar, like a bell chapel, to hang on the camel or cow, the sound of the bell symbolized the celebration and the bridegroom.


But today the car is the last model that is decorated with flowers and ribbons and consists of two devices, one for the bride and two of his yingges, and another for the groom and his friends.


In this context, in the book, A Look at the Turkmen Material and Spiritual Culture of the Great Dome of the Great Rood, it is said: When the Kajwa is on a camel and brings the bride to the groom's house, one of the groom's sisters or the closest wife to the bridegroom Loudly speaking:


We have seen the Gillian, Owen 
,Translation: What is going on is the case. I said to my mother: "Spread the flour and the flour" (the flour is splashing on the face and a sign of a wish for a fortune teller).


Tell your brother: wait for the vengeance. 
And another sister calls:

Aghmayaniz Aghramani Yole Gvtarar 
Sha'alul Ayaz Duganmining Nazani Chizgutatrrn Sha Allah


The cute white camel that they are closing in, tolerates the road. 
And cute my brother, lady's bride, shah Allah


Turkmen wedding, marriage ceremony in Turkmen


* Bridesmaids
On this day, friends and acquaintances who are willing to attend the wedding party are present at the time of their appointment at the groom's house, and each has their own means.


On this day, scarves or towels are presented to each participant in the bride's caravan (from the groom's family at the start of the caravan journey to the bride's house as well as from the bride's family when the bride is brought to the groom's house) .

The caravan consists of two parts: a groom's caravan consisting of young people, women, girls and caravans of Agh Saghala or white beard.


The bearded caravan moves to the determination of the bridegroom for about half an hour before the groom's caravan, while one of the white beards donates the amount of the dowry agreed upon at the 'Malchashtamk' ceremony to offer the bride's family, The bride's beard brings this group to the table and shows them on the table with a variety of fruits and sweets.


At this stage, the white beard brides the part of the throne to the white beard of the groom's back to be divided between the white bearded caravans. 
After the above arrangements, the bride is allowed to transfer the bride from the father's house to the groom's house, and everyone is happy to say, and the mullah in the parliament will recite verses from the Holy Quran to rejoice in this marriage, while the caravan of the groom who enters the entrance He declares himself and carries gifts to the bride's family.


In the past, when the women arrived at the bride's house with the bridegroom's caravan, the bride's women, having gripped the feet of the women who carry the gifts, opted for a war of convenience, called "The Crypt of Almagh", and was accompanied with joy. Today's ceremony is seen in less than a bride.


* The House and the Knights are
in the tune of the ceremony of the Almagqan women with sweets packets, these are called "shades and crochets", and it expresses the concept that the woman's bride is happy with this marriage and will not regret it, therefore The two sides will end their war of convenience.


After this stage, the gifts of the groom's side and the grown ups are checked, then the bride's family adds the same amount (in terms of number) and the contents of the bride to the bridegroom's bridegroom, which eventually brides with dowry He is taken to the groom's house, after this ceremony, guests are welcomed with a Chekertma (traditional Turkmen food).


* Dalasmaq
after the reception and the leave of the white beard turns to the bridegroom to bring the bride to the groom's house, during this ceremony, one of the women of the bridegroom (his brother's wife) goes to the bride, while a The chashu chasm has a luxurious silk or red tent, and a verbal controversy arises between him and one of the bride's women, and at the end of this fictitious controversy, like the other ceremony, it ends with joy and grunge. After that The bridegroom's side brushes the chashu or don on the woman's bride, which marks the victory on the bride's side.


And then the mother of the bride is told that now is the time to say goodbye to your daughter, and the mother tells her daughter, "My daughter, goodbye, be happy, dating to a new happy new home. 
After the farewell of the mother to the girl, the closest woman to the bride (her brother's sister or sister) closes the women's side of the bridegroom and says: "What is my goodness?" He is allowed to leave with a gift (a sack of shirt fabric), but in front of his face, one of the bride's brothers is waiting, he also, with a gift, allows the caravan and the caravan along with it without any hindrance. To move


Turkmen wedding, marriage ceremony in Turkmen


* Owen Sappamk
When the bride's caravan arrives at the groom's house, the groom's mother blesses the flour with a bowl, which is a sign of blessing and blessing, and this step is called Owen Sappamek.

After the ceremony, Owen Thapamak, a groom close by, brings money, candy, and a group that is usually male and close to relatives and friends is on a high and takes something in the size of the tennis ball among the crowd They throw in the scene and bring the object thrown up to the amount of money they have previously announced.

This section is less visible in modern weddings.


* Ship - Gourshem was a ship
of other wedding ceremonies that had been drawn in the distant past. 
At the ceremony of a ship carrying a rival or hammered knee, the winner is the winner and will be beaten by the local elders. This award is called 'Beiraj'.


* Horseback riding
Another spectacular event in the Turkmen wedding is the horseback riding that was common in the distant past, and today rarely occurs in villages and at an elementary level.


* Chapi is a
"Chapa" or "Qapu" meaning "guard" and "guardianship". During the time of the fasting ceremony, the bride is taken to the room, which is considered as a hijabol. This room or "urage (hajjal)" say that before the bride comes, there are several young women from the bridegroom's family, and these women will not be brides until they have paid a lot of money from the yingges. They do not allow them to enter, this is what they call "Chapay".

The bride's jeering in the past was 4 at most, but today they have increased their number to 10 or more.


* Scissors
in the side room are also well-groomed and a group of bearded siblings from the bridegroom to make the sermons of the marriage through the clerical site. During the time of the wedding ceremony, no one has the right to rely on the walls of this room and the huddle. This ceremony involves cutting four people in the four corners of the room with the scissors and the meaning of the bad guys and tongue.


* A lawyer
declaring the consent of the bride and groom is not done for the wedding ceremony in the presence of a party, but for each one a representative is appointed to be trustee of both families, the trustee is called a lawyer.


After the attorneys were introduced to the attendants and the elders, the cleric of the place who is in charge of marrying a girl and a son asks the bride's lawyer: " 
What do you do at this place?" 
The bride's lawyer, pointing to the groom's lawyer, says: " 
I ask for this gentleman, and I must ask for him now." 
The groom's lawyer says with frenzied anger: " 
I am not indebted to you.


Then a rhetorical controversy between the two takes place and ends with the mediocre of the white beard and the confession of the candy This fictitious dispute is resolved, and the concubine proceeds, after which the present will drink from the water that is blessed by the flow of the bondage of marriage and The so-called 'Neka Sau' are said.


However, nowadays, given the fact that the marriage contract is made by the girl and the boy, the marriage contract is also carried out there, and the wedding ceremony of women is less.


Turkmen wedding, marriage ceremony in Turkmen


* Al-Dash Dirmak
on the first day of the wedding and after the end of the marriage ceremony in the presence of a group of women place two sides of the bride's hand in the hands of the bridegroom. During the ceremony, a woman from the groom's close friend calls the lyrics loud and loud, which implies responsibility The two sides (bride and groom) are in common life.


One of the following is called to the groom: 
Alaja Kvineh Gidermaye Arpa Chork 
Idirmuh Tinyigh La, Dipidirma Agizla, Qapudirmeh Di'bashi 
, Dirmeh Chopperk Yungji Dat Dirmeh


That is: Uncleaned patched shirt, do not let the bones of the creatures harm or shred, do not let the camel rage or the woolen sparrow become inferior.


Also called to the bride: 
Ewingen Gothsch Qapartising Isingen Gelphas Deeringing 
Ashing Kang Dan Danish Bazhgan Zazaran Dvshirgin 
means fighting the enemy face to face and responding to the two people - who dash from behind - answer decisively. Do not bother to cook food, but always fill the pot with food.


* Awesome Ahead
After Dedeh Dirmak, the ceremony will be held, and it will be spent on the traditional Turkmen cuisine, which is made with rice and neck of the sheep, specially for the bride and groom. 
At the end of the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom will spend money inside the dish as a gift to the cook.


Although in some clans the heart of sheep is cooked, the responsibility of which it is cooked is the brother-in-law of the bridegroom, dividing it from the middle into two parts, giving half the bride and bride to the groom, and the bride and groom After giving it, they give the gift to the bridegroom's wife.


* Kayjramma
brings the bride back to their fatherly house, according to the old tradition. They say that it is called the curianarma, it is said that this return and staying in the father's house in the distant past sometimes took up to 2 years, but today almost this ceremony It has been forgotten.

Among the features of the Turkmen customs are the use of beautiful and colorful fabrics, especially in weddings and weddings.

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